For context, here’s some background:

There’s a whole lot of human rights violation going on in Nigeria.

According to polls conducted by NOI-Polls, the most enjoyed fundamental right by Nigerians is the right to freedom of movement, and even that was at an alarming 57%. Only 39% enjoy the right to life. 26%, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association and 22% the right to freedom of expression and the press. Privacy was at a dangerous 12%.

Human rights are basically civil assurances given by a State to its citizens. They aren’t like political assurances or manifestoes which performance is, in reality, dependent on whether the political leader meant what he said, or is capable of fulfilling those promises.

Human rights are entrenched in the grundnorm of Nigeria – the Constitution, which is currently the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). They are sacrosanct and justiciable.

Apart from the fact that not a lot of people think  to judicially enforce their human rights, people also do not understand what rights they actually have, and so reporting and recording human rights violation is difficult. Additionally, access to (affordable) legal representation is also one of the problems that surfaces in the enforcement of human rights.

So, who are we?

ChapterIV is a solution structured to link victims of fundamental human rights violation with lawyers who are willing to act pro-bono to achieve the enforcement of human rights in Nigeria. This is the main aim of what we do. We want you to report the violation or the threat of violation of your fundamental right. We want to take your cause  upon ourselves.

We value

a. Respect for human lives

b. Democracy and its principles

c. Reliable laws and justice system

d. Respect for  human rights

The ancillary objectives of ChapterIV include:

  • Educating Nigerians on their fundamental rights (that is, Right to Life, Right to Dignity of Human Person, Right to personal liberty, RIght to fair hearing, Right to Private and Family life, Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Right to freedom of expression and the press, Right to peaceful assembly and association, Right to freedom of movement, Right to freedom from discrimination, Right to acquire and own immovable property);
  • Contributing to the statistics and reports on the frequency of human rights violation in Nigeria.

How we work

It’s simple.

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We will take it from there!


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